Local, Ohio-raised and seam-butchered meats, artisan style charcuterie and salumi.


It’s our care for the animal and our care for the customer that set us apart.

Na*Kyrsie (Na-Ker-See): Our unique company name, a combination of my first name, Nate, and my wife’s, Kristen, derives from love. And that love carries through to everything we do: From the way we treat our animals, serve our customers and partner with local farmers whom we source our meat from.


A high-quality experience, from beginning to end

My mission was simple when I started this company: to source, prepare and sell meat that I felt good about and could share with as many people as possible. I passionately believe that if we eat quality food, we’ll feel better, look better and live better.

That’s why I source my meat from local farmers who not only care for their animals, but care and cultivate the land they’re raised on. And at Na*Kyrsie (na-ker-see), we never waste: We buy whole animals and use and consume them entirely.

It’s our care for the animal and care for our customer that set us apart.

Where to enjoy Na*Kyrsie Meats


Na*Kyrsie Meats can be found at any of these Ohio fine-dining establishments:

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