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Locally raised & seam butchered meats, charcuterie and salumi.

Na*Kyrsie Meats buys whole animals from Northeast Ohio local farms, seam butchers, and sells raw meat, charcuterie and salumi. The process produces a better quality cut of meat and makes locally raised meats more easily available to consumers and chefs.

Retail and wholesale meats, charcuterie and salumi are available for restaurants, wineries, retail stores and consumers.

About Na*Kyrsie Meats

Na*Kyrise Meats was founded by Chef Nate Fagnilli of Crosswinds Grille, a Farm-to-Table restaurant in Geneva, Ohio along with his wife, Kristen.

In early 2016, Nate found himself running out of room at Crosswinds Grille and couldn’t keep up with the demand of the seam butchery products he was already producing at his restaurant.

He felt he could fill a void between chefs and farmers and make local meat more easily available to chefs with less work for the farmers.  He grew tired of the phones calls from farmers looking for to sell their livestock, and was frustrated he could not grow and expand in his existing location.  He saw the market in Northeast Ohio for wholesale and retail charcuterie and salumi for restaurants, wineries and retail stores and Na*Kyrsie Meats was born.

At Na*Kyrsie Meats, Nate and Kristen know the source of their meat,  know how it was raised and where it came from.  All of their finished products have a source code on the package so the customer knows what they’re buying, i.e. MLC=Miller Livestock Co., NCF=New Creation Farm, HF=Henry Farms, 4H=products bought from the Ashtabula County Fair sale.

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About Seam Butchery

“How your meat is butchered is just as important as where it comes from”

The idea behind the traditional European technique of seam butchery is to preserve individual muscles or muscle groups of the animal.

This technique wastes very little of the animal, as meat is removed right up to the bone. Seam butchering makes sense because different muscles cook at different temperatures.

Cutting up muscle groups that cook similarly enables a chef to cook the piece of meat to perfection rather than over cooking some parts and under cooking others, resulting in a mouth-watering cut of meat, bursting with flavor and the perfect texture and consistency.

Wholesale Ordering

Wholesale ordering and distribution of charcuterie and salumi is handled through Premier ProduceOne.

Please contact your salesman for information or contact Premier at or call:

In Cleveland 800-229-5517
In Columbus 855-476-7761
In Dayton 800-782-4749


Tuesday – Friday
10:00am – 5:30pm

9:00am – 1:00pm

100 Austin Road

Geneva, Ohio 44041

Where to Eat It

Bascule Bridge Grille Ashtabula ,OH
Bistro 185  Cleveland, OH
Crosswinds Grille  Geneva, OH
Culinary Occasions South Euclid, OH
Fire Food and Drink Cleveland, OH
Flour Italian Kitchen Moreland Heights, OH
Grand River Cellars  Madison, OH
Grindhouse Gourmet Burgers  Ashtabula, OH
Inn Walden Aurora, OH
M Cellars  Geneva, OH
Marigold Cafe and Catering Cleveland, OH
Miller Livestock Kinsman, OH
Peter Allen Inn Kinsman, OH
Quintana’s Speakeasy Cleveland Hts, OH
Rennick Meat Market Ashtabula, OH
Sara’s Place By Gavi’s Gates Mills, OH
Spice Kitchen  Cleveland, OH
The Wine Spot, Cleveland Hts., OH
Thorncreek Winery & Gardens Aurora, OH

Where to Eat It

Bascule Bridge Grille Ashtabula ,Ohio
M Cellars  Geneva, Ohio
Crosswinds Grille  Geneva, Ohio
Hundley Cellars  Geneva, Ohio
Grindhouse Gourmet Burgers  Ashtabula, Ohio
Grand River Cellars  Madison, Ohio
Peter Allen Inn Kinsman, Ohio
Fire Food and Drink Cleveland, Ohio
Spice Kitchen and Bar Cleveland, Ohio
Miller Livestock Kinsman, Ohio
New Creation Farm Chardon, Ohio
Rennick Meat Market, Ashtabula, Ohio
Warren’s Spirited Kitchen, Burton, Ohio
The Wine Spot, Cleveland Hts., Ohio
Hil-Mak Fish Market, Ashtabula, Ohio

How to Reach Us