Founding Story


My mission was simple when I started this company: to source, prepare and sell meat that I feel good about and share it with as many people as possible.

I’ve always liked to create with my hands. It started when I was a kid taking cars apart and putting them back together. That led to a career in my family’s auto-mechanic’s business and then, after the shop sold, a degree from culinary school.

Today, as owner of Na*Kyrsie (na-ker-see) Meats, I’m again creating with my hands: taking animals apart and preparing them to serve high-quality food to the community.

My mission was simple when I started this company: I wanted to serve real meat that is nutritious and produced sustainably and responsibly.

Why does Na*Kyrsie Exist?


I passionately believe that if we eat quality food, we’ll feel better, look better and live better.

That’s why I only source my meat from local farmers who don’t just care for their animals, but care and cultivate the land they’re raised on, too. These farmers are not simply partners, but friends. I visit their farms regularly and witness their commitment to quality and care for their animals and the land they live and graze on. I know how it was raised and where it came from.  

All of our products are labeled so customers, too, know what farm their meat came from. [MLC=Miller Livestock Co., NCF=New Creation Farm, HF=Henry Farms, 4H=products bought from the Ashtabula County Fair sale.]

Seam Butchery


How your meat is butchered is just as important as where it comes from

We continue the farmer’s care at Na*Kyrsie (na-ker-see) because we never waste what they produce: We buy whole animals and use and consume them entirely.

Our seam butchery method, a traditional European technique that preserves individual muscles or muscle groups of the animals, allows us to do that and is another example of our commitment to quality and sustainability.

The process produces a better quality cut of meat and makes locally raised meats more easily available to consumers and chefs.

Seam butchery wastes very little of the animal, as meat is removed right up to the bone. This also aids in the taste because different muscles cook at different temperatures.


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