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Our History

Since we opened our doors, Na*Kyrsie Meats has become an integral part of the local community. We started Na*Kyrsie Meats in 2016 after realizing it wasn’t always easy to source the highest-quality fresh, local and wholesome food in Geneva.


We’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with our incredible producers, which helps us to keep our costs down, and we do all we can to pass those savings on to you. Come and explore Na*Kyrsie today and discover the true meaning of delicious.


Meet the Owners

How'd we get our name?

Na*Kyrsie (Na-Ker-See) is a combination of our first names (Nate and Kristen). 
Not only is our company name unique, but so are our company standards.

Our care for the animal and our care for the customer sets us apart and we source our animals locally to ensure the best possible product for you to bring home to your family. 

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