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Quality Over Quantity

I don’t want to change a product or process because it’s trendy or simply increases revenue, I want to change the process for the same reason I started this work: to make honest, quality products for our community to help live a healthy life. We’ve continued to build on this with our new Na*Kyrsie Uncured product line.

If you’ve stopped by our store, you’ve likely heard my spiel on this topic and more. If you want a crash-course in nitrite-free meats, take a look at our last blog post here.

The takeaway is that nitrites and nitrates are compounds consisting of nitrogen and oxygen atoms. The methods in which you cook them can influence this and form either nitric oxide (good) or nitrosamines (carcinogenic/bad). For example, cooking bacon in the oven at lower temperatures is better to produce good nitric oxide than frying it in a pan at higher temps, which can produce bad nitrosamines.

Na*Kyrsie Uncured came about as a result of a need for a healthier and readily-available product. I often use the analogy of firewood when discussing our products: Sure, you can buy a ton of cheap firewood to warm your house, cook, etc. However, the energy output will be far lower than that of better quality firewood. The same principle applies to what we consume. Cheap, low-quality food can make you feel like garbage. What we consume fuels us. Which brings us back to our belief that the quality of your food correlates directly with the quality of your life.

We currently have ten Na*Kyrsie Uncured products available in our store and other retailers across the state. They are completely free from nitrites or nitrates and their superior quality is reflected in the taste. You’ll notice a brighter, lighter, and cleaner taste that allows the meat’s true character to stand out. My favorite products by far are our uncured salamis. I’m amazed by the clean flavor profiles. I think you will be too.

We’d love to see you in the shop to try some of these new products. In the meantime, take a look at our packages available for in-store pickup, and make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things Na*Kyrsie.

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I love reading about your philosophy of eating better quality meat. You're doing a great job, and I look forward to stopping in to shop sometime soon!

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