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Na*Kyrsie's New Website & Story

Our new website, sharing the story of Na*Kyrsie (na-ker-see) and its locally sourced, sustainable meats, is launched! Located in Geneva, we partner with local farmers and regional restaurants to deliver the best-tasting, farm-to-table meats in our region. I passionately believe that if we eat quality food, we’ll feel better, look better and live better. Enjoy!

One of the biggest challenges of running a business is humbly, effectively and enthusiastically telling everyone about it.

One of the best ways to do this – besides, personally, over a delicious steak and glass of wine – is through a website, where customers, new and old, can learn about a company and its products.

That’s why we’re so excited to launch our redesigned website today at

We invite you to take a look and learn about our story at Na*Kyrsie (pronounced na-ker-see).

What we think you’ll see is:

  • Inviting photos of the delicious, natural, locally sourced meats we butcher and sell

  • When and where you can come visit us to purchase delicious, savory meats for your next breakfast, lunch, dinner or party

  • How you can order our products online

  • How we work closely with local farmers to select and produce the best local meats available

  • How we adhere to our mission – Care for the animal, care for the customer – in everything we do.

  • How our seam butchery method uses the whole carcass and never wastes.

  • This process also produces a better quality cut of meat that, quite simply, tastes better. More about that in our next blog post, so stay tuned.

  • What you also might notice on our site is the personal story it conveys. While there are many great people who have helped and continue to help build our brand and contribute to its excellence, I, as founder, am the most visible ambassador of Na*Kyrsie.

I know each of our farmers personally and visit them and their farms regularly. I’m proud to call them friends. I’m also honored to be associated with some of the finest restaurants in Northeast Ohio that serve our locally sourced meats, including Fire Food & Drink and Spice Kitchen in Cleveland; Sara’s Place by Gavi’s in Gates Mills, Flour in Moreland Hills and Crosswinds Grille in Geneva , where I am also the chef.

The name of my business – pronounced na-ker-see – is a combination of my first name and my wife’s, Kristen. As our love bloomed, so did this business.

What Na*Kyrsie stemmed from is so basic, but so important: I passionately believe that if we eat quality food, we’ll feel better, look better and live better.

That’s why we only source our meat from local farmers who don’t just care for their animals, but care and cultivate the land they’re raised on, too. Every time I visit their farms, I witness their sustainable farming practices. I feel good knowing I sell only true farm-to-table meats.

And that makes me feel good when I serve it to our customers, who range from neighbors to family and friends to some of the top restaurants in the region, including: Inn Walden in Aurora, M Cellars in Geneva and Bascule Bridge Grille in Ashtabula , to name a few. View our full list here.

So please check out our site. Tell a friend. Better yet, come visit us. We can’t wait to share our story – and our meats – with you!

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